Reason why we should appericiate our parents


Growing up getting along with our parents might not always be easy but at we get older we start to realize everything that they have done for us and that we appreciate them so much more then we did when we were younger.

1. They Gave We Life

Although this is pretty self explanatory the truth is that our parents made the choice to bring us into this world and do what they believe is best for us. When I was growing up I never really thought about this much but when I got older and started hearing the stories of what my mom went through in the decision to keep me I realize that I appreciate the choice that she made because she could have went on with her life without me. 


2. They Always Want What Is Best For You

Although it can get annoying when our parents try to control ourlife, as we get older we realize that they really are looking out for us and want what’s best for us. When my mom tells me that I shouldn’t go to the beach at night with my friends it may seem like she doesn’t want me to have any fun but the real reason is because she wants me to be safe and the beach at night can be a pretty dangerous area.

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3. They Give You Love

Our parents are the people that will love us no matter how many times we mess up even if they are mad at us. The love a parent has for a child is infinite and it never goes away. When we’re younger we think affection is gross but as you get older you need to realize that these people aren’t always going to be around for you as much as you want it so you need to give as much affection as possible because you never know if that will be the last time you are able to do that. 

4. They Take Care Of You At Any Age

Even when you are grown up and have children your parents will always take care of you because to them you’re still their baby and they want to do everything for you. Some may find this annoying but it really shows that they will always be there for you no matter what.

Next time you talk to your parents make sure you tell them that you love them and that you appreciate everything because they really are such special people



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